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              Kumara Fries (vegan & gf)                                                            6,80 €
              A Maori speciality from their original homeland of Polynesia. Hand carved
              slices of aromatic sweet potatoes. The Maori´s they call Kumara, fried in pure
              olive oil and refined with an exotic spice mixture. Served with fruity fiery
              Mango-Maracuja-Chili-Dip. Something very special!

              Golden fingers (v &gf)                                                               6,80 €
              A small serving of our special handcut potato fries. Fried in olive oil, refined with a
              secret spice blend. Served with mojo rojo and aioli.

               The happy herring                                                                  12,50 €

              A herring salad with no herring at all. Therefore: Happy! ☺.
              Yoghurt, cucumbers, apples, onions and some "trade secrets" combined with care
              and love for herring to the traditional salad.
              With baked small rye spinach medallions and potato wedges.

              Starter „Don Quixote“                                                               14,90 €

              1 deep-fried pastry bag filled with figs, Tahin sesame paste and mojo rojo.
              2 carrot rolls filled with chili oil, rosemary and Spanish Manchego cheese.
              3 Albondigas de queso fried balls of herbs and Manchego cheese.
              Served with pesto verde, aioli (without egg), mojo rojo and bread.

              Radieschen-Starter-Variation (v)                                                    16,90 €

              A culinary journey through our starters. Marinated vegetables, champignons,
              carrot roulettes, fried fig-pastry bags, albondigas de queso, falafel
              and marinated black and green olives.
              Served with bread, spanish alioli, italian pesto, domestic herbal yoghurt,
              red canarian mojo rojo and a small bread-variation.

               (v) vegan on request
               (gf) gluten-free
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