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Amelcorn Spaghetti Semola

                              The original form of Italian pasta in pure Emmer quality.
                   The original grain, also called two grain, is one of the oldest cultivated cereals.
                    The protein- and mineral-rich grain gives the pasta the perfect al dente bite.
                                        and an excellent, slightly nutty aroma.
                     We are happy to serve freshly grated Grana Padano with our pasta dishes.

                Spaghetti della Casa                                                            16,20 €
                With fiery mojo rojo, aromatic pesto verde,
                served with cubes of sheep and goat cheese and in
                pure olive oil fried rocket.

                Pasta du patron                                                                 16,20 €

                Our emmer spaghetti with leaf spinach and hearty gorgonzola sauce.
                Served with chilli oil and acacia honey.
                A piquant taste experience.

                Spaghetti au fromage de chèvre                                                  16,90 €
                A spicy herb cream made from goat cheese,
                Catalan tomato sauce, marinated figs, gratinated French goat cheese and our
                aromatic pesto seduce you to a
                unusual pasta enjoyment.

                Spaghetti Trio                                                                  16,90 €

                With our Pesto verde, Catalan tomato cream and a spicy cheese sauce of
                Dutch Gouda and Italian Grana Padano.
                ☺ The ideal introduction to the world of vegetarian cuisine ☺
               Spaghetti a la funghi porcini                                                    17,50 €

               The porcini mushroom, the king of the forest mushrooms.
               Prepared to an unusual sauce with onions, cream, butter, fresh herbs and
               mysterious spices. Served with a truffled Parmesan Hippe and cranberry sorbet.
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