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                               INTERNATIONAL SPECIALITIES

                 Indian carrot curry (vegan & glutenfree)                                      17,50 €
                 Carrots, mungo beans, ginger and leek are prepared with selected spices to a
                 perfect, exotic taste experience.
                 Served with coconut fig chutney and Basmati-onion-lemon-rice.
                 Hot? Yes! ☺

                 Pyrenean potatoes (glutenfree & vegan on request)                             17,90 €
                 Inspired by the beauty and originality of the Pyrenees,
                 this unusual dish was created. Potatoes, red onions, garlic, mountain herbs,
                 walnuts and prunes are braised in the oven with olive oil and many spices.
                 Baked with smoked cheese and refined with black truffle oil.
                 We serve it with a small portion of rocket salad spinach and a bowl of our
                 homemade garlic aioli.

                 The vegan version is served without smoked cheese.
                 with a bowl of Pesto Rojo. A poem.

                 Macaron de Pommes de Terre (glutenfree)                                       17,90 €

                 A hearty composition that has been known since the Middle Ages.
                 sweet macarons. For this we layer leaf spinach, hearty mountain cheese
                 and potato rösti into a cake and bake it in the oven.
                 We serve these cake pieces with spicy cheese sauce,
                 rocket salad spinach and a small bowl of pear compote.

                 Spring Tagine (glutenfree & vegan on request)                                  17,90 €

                A culinary journey through the early garden.
                Red onions, celery, fennel and carrots give us new energy
                for the time ahead. Baked potato wedges, gratinated sheep's goat's cheese
                and date yoghurt-chili cream will accompany us in this dish.
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