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Dear Guest,
                     You probably have had that experience before. You have had dinner but weren't satisfied.

                                                       Why is that the case?

                                  Was it the quality, taste, price, quantity, the ambient, service…?

                              It is obviously important to have a pleasant atmosphere when you dine.

                            The service should be attentive and friendly and the drinks of good quality.

                                                      What about the food?

                          “Because the pleasure of good food and drink holds together the body and soul”
                                                         German saying.

                                                  Don Quixote de la Mancha, 1690


                                         Out of inspiration, thoughts become melody and

                                          develop into a song composition that we adore.


                                                 A dish develops out of intuition.
                        First, the right ingredients, the careful preparation, the art of cooking at its best and

                                the passion dedicated to it all takes the art to a climax of composing.

                                       The feeling of creative combination and culinary art.


                                         It is to say, Cooks are composers in a certain way.

                      Your satisfaction and recognition is our applause for a good accomplished composition.

                                                     Thank you for your visit.
                                                   In the name of all employees

                                                    Anna Karlak & Erik Johnson

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