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                     The Radieschen was founded in 1983 on the beautiful North Sea island of Wangerooge.
                               In 1996 we opened the second Radieschen in Darmstadt-Eberstadt.
                                            We closed the radish on the island in 1998.

                                                  At the beginning of 2019 we,
                                               Angelika Koerbler & Norbert Walter,
                                        handing over the company to the 2nd generation.
                                                   Anna Karlak & Erik Johnson
                                           now bear the entrepreneurial responsibility
                           for the future of the radish. We will accompany you for a part of your way.


                                We supply kindergartens and companies with our midday meals.


                                       You can find our catering catalogue on our website
                                                or as a brochure at your disposal.

                                                       Food and drink

                                We source almost all of our ingredients from responsible sources,
                              producers who conserve resources and work in harmony with nature.
                                           Regionally, nationally and internationally.
                                        We promise you that with all our artisan cooking
                             and the pleasure we take in our work for your and thus for all our good,
                                                     in kitchen and service.

                                                We wish you a good time with us.
                                                  Anna Karlak & Erik Johnson

                                           Future-oriented nutrition concepts
                     A management consultancy for future-oriented and ecological nutritional concepts has
                                      been part of our corporate philosophy for many years
                                   and is continued by Angelika Koerbler and Norbert Walter.
                            We support kindergartens, schools, health and social therapy institutions
                                    and companies on the way to a future-oriented nutrition.
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