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"God created time, he didn’t say anything about haste“

                     This inscription on the train station of the island Wangerooge, the birthplace of

                     the Radieschen, didn’t lose it’s meaning for the vacationers and residents of the

                                                        island, till today.

                       But how does our everyday life on the "continent", as the islander would say,

                                                           look like?

                          Even in the Radieschen, the clock always seems to be going a bit faster.

                                  As specially when You are waiting for Your ordered Food.

                              That’s why we are happy, that You brought some time with You.

                     Because of You, so You could enjoy Your meal in peace, but us as well, so we can

                                            prepare it for You with love and care.

                    If, despite our joint efforts the time doesn‘t pass more slowly , please ask our staff

                                        for dishes, which are prepared a little faster .

                                 We wish you a good appetite and thank you for your time!

                                                 In the name of all employees

                                                 Anna Karlak & Erik Johnson

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