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1983 we founded the Radieschen on the wonderful island in the North sea, named

                              Wangerooge and opened a second one 1996 in Darmstadt – Eberstadt.
                    Two years later we closed the Radieschen on the island to concentrate on the restaurant in


                               For years we deliver kindergardens and companies with our dishes.

                              We see the growing demand on caterings with great interest and joy.

                       In addition to it a business consulting for ecological nutrition and kitchen concepts

                                          is part of our business philosophy since years.

                                   We obtain most of our ingredients from responsible minded
                                        and in accordance with nature working producers.

                                              Regional, national and international.

                                            Of course we abandon using all the things

                                (flavor enhancer, coloring agents, flavorings, industrial sugar, etc.)

                               which omission most convenience producer see as a huge progress.
                            Whereby you have to ask yourself what was in our food before this time.

                     We promise you to use all our cooking skills and enjoyment of our work in kitchen and

                                    service for the well being of you and with that of all of us.

                                                 Angelika Koerbler & Norbert Walter

                                                      On one’s own account

                      As one of the few restaurants in Europe we use olive oil from Jose Milan Valderrama
                                     from Toledo in Spain for the preparation of our meals.

                       We also deep fry a few of our dishes in specially for this purpose produced olive oil.

                                   This oil is also used by star cooks in France as well as Spain,

                                           for whom it is the worlds best oil available.

                                                          For us as well.
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