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               If you want toys, something to paint or read, you will find
               All this in our children's corner. Special requests? No problem. Just ask! We wish you
               a lot of fun and a good appetite.

                Pirate’s Plate                                                                   0,00 €

                We bring you a plate, knife and fork.
                What comes on your plate you capture from your table-mate.
                Have fun!
                Potato fries (vegan)                                                             4,70 €

                Potato fries with Rapunzel Ketchup.

                Pasta                                                                            4,70 €
                Amelcorn spaghetti with tomato (vegan)- or cheese sauce.
                Can’t deceide which sauce you want? No problem – just choose both!

                Bambino                                                                          4,70 €
                Mini pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella.

                SOMETHING SWEET

                Ice cream                                                                  each scoop   2,40 €
                Delicious Ice cream from „Racchelli“ made out of natural resources

                vanilla ice cream   Mango-, chocolate- and strawberry sorbet (vegan)

                Little Sicilian                                                                  5,90 €

                A pancake with sicilian almond milk.
                Filled with sweet hazelnut nougat cream. (vegan)
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