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                Daily Soup Please ask us about our daily offer!                                  5,20 €

                Carrot-exotic-soup (vegan)                                                       5,90 €

                Ginger, coconut, oranges and carrots,
                combined to a spicy-exotic delicacy.

                Violet Cream Beetroot horseradish soup with crêpe-verte julienne.                6,20 €

                                                                                                 6,20 €
                Soupe Espagnol with fried potato croutons.
                Made out  of root vegetables - modelled on the legendary French "Sauce
                Espagnol" - prepared with patience and a lot of love for cooking.
                A dark, strong and invigorating winter soup.


                Green salad (vegan)                                                              4,80 €

                Lettuces of the season with raw foods and our potato vinaigrette.

                Beetroot Orange Salad (vegan)                                                    6,60 €
                A winter refreshment. Beetroot with a spicy paprika cream, basil and balsamic
                vinegar reduction. Refined with mango orange sauce and orange fillets.

                Ali Baba oriental white cabbage salad                                            6,60 €
                From one of the oldest cultivated plants in Europe we create this extraordinary
                salad for you. Blanched white cabbage, with onions, dates, mint and olive oil.
                The other spice secrets we do not reveal yet.

                Wakame seaweed salad (vegan)                                                     6,80 €
                A special treat from the Garden of the Sea.
                We refine the Wakame algae with chilli, sesame oil, wasabi
                and other spices for a special taste experience.
                Serve with roasted black sesame, avocado stripes and avocado oil.

                Salat al Gusto mediterranean                                                    16,90 €
                Leaf salads with selected seasonal raw vegetables.
                Cubes of sheep's cheese, marinated mozzarella, marinated Manchego cheese,
                fried and marinated tofu strips, marinated figs, chopped dates,                 12,90 €
                green and black olives, caramelized walnuts,                                        small
                roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and avocados.
                To choose from: Balsamic dressing or potato vinaigrette.
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