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              Kumara Fries (vegan & glutenfree)                                                    6,80 €
              A Maori speciality from their original homeland of Polynesia. Hand carved
              slices of aromatic sweet potatoes. The Maori´s they call Kumara, fried in pure
              olive oil and refined with an exotic spice mixture. Served with fruity fiery
              Mango-Maracuja-Chili-Dip. Something very special!

              Golden fingers (glutenfree & vegan on request)                                       6,80 €
              A small serving of our special handcut potato fries. Fried in olive oil, refined with a
              secret spice blend. Served with mojo rojo and aioli.

              La chèvre qui rit (glutenfree)                                                      13,90 €

              Gratinated goat cheese, with caramelized walnuts,
              balsamic vinegar reduction and acacia honey.
              Accompanied by spicy rocket salad spinach and pear compote.

              Starter „Don Quixote“                                                               15,90 €
              1 deep-fried pastry bag, filled with figs, Tahin sesame paste and mojo rojo.
              1 carrot rolls, filled with chili oil, rosemary and Spanish Manchego cheese.
              1 aubergine rolls, filled with a mediterranean tofu-tomato cream.
              2 Albondigas de queso, fried balls of herbs and Manchego cheese.
              Served with pesto verde, aioli (without egg), mojo rojo and bread.

              Radieschen-Starter-Variation (vegan on glutenfree)                                  21,90 €

              A culinary journey through our starters. Marinated vegetables, champignons,
              carrot roulettes, fried fig-pastry bags, aubergine rolls, albondigas de queso,
              falafel, breaded sheep's cheese and marinated black and green olives.
              Served with bread, spanish alioli, italian pesto, domestic herbal yoghurt,
              red canarian mojo rojo and a small bread-variation.
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