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                Daily Soup Please ask us about our daily offer!                                  5,20 €

                Carrot-exotic-soup (vegan & gf)                                                  5,90 €

                Ginger, coconut, oranges and carrots,
                combined to a spicy-exotic delicacy.

                Sweet tuber soup (vegan & gf)                                                    6,20 €
                From the root of this winch plant, the "sweet potato", we have prepared an
                aromatic cream soup for you with a lot of love, red pepper, some chili and
                peanut cream.

                Orange Curry Cream Soup (gf)                                                    6,20 €
                A variety of Indian spices combined with fruity oranges.


                Green salad (vegan & gf)                                                         4,80 €
                Lettuces of the season with raw foods and our potato vinaigrette.

                Tropic Quinoa Salad (vegan & gf)                                                 6,90 €

                South American quinoa, local steamed fennel, celery, tropical mango and
                orange fillets combine to create a refreshing, fruity spring salad. Served with
                mango-passion fruit chili dip.

                Wakame seaweed salad (vegan & gf)                                                6,90 €
                A special treat from the Garden of the Sea.
                We refine the Wakame algae with chili, sesame oil, wasabi
                and other spices for a special taste experience.
                Serve with roasted black sesame, avocado stripes and avocado oil.

                Salat al Gusto mediterranean                                                    16,90 €
                Leaf salads with selected seasonal raw vegetables.
                Cubes of sheep's cheese, marinated mozzarella, marinated Manchego cheese,
                fried and marinated tofu strips, marinated figs, chopped dates,                 12,90 €
                green and black olives, caramelized walnuts,                                        small
                roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and avocados.
                To choose from: Balsamic dressing or potato vinaigrette.

                (gf) gluten-free
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