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                               INTERNATIONAL SPECIALITIES

                 Falafel (glutenfree & vegan on request)
                 Deep fried spice thaler made from chickpeas and a variety of oriental spices   17,20 €
                 and oils. We serve you a small bowl of vegetable salsa, refreshing mint
                 yoghurt and a small portion of our spring-tagine-vegetables.
                 With Basmati-onion-lemon-rice. (gf & v)

                 Bali Satay (vegan)                                                            17,80 €
                 A grill dish originally from Indonesia, which we serve with marinated
                 and crispy fried Panko Tofu, Chinese cabbage-mango-ginger vegetables,
                 spicy peanut sauce and fiery mango-passion fruit-chili dip.
                 Served with Basmati-onion-lemon-rice and coconut flakes.

                 Lasagne di primavera                                                          17,80 €

                 For our spring lasagne we use steamed celery, fennel, spring onions and
                 carrots, supplemented with wild garlic and grated Montello cheese.
                 Served with a delicious "Besciamella all'aglio selvatico"

                 „Onigiri“ お握り Sea Rice Balls (vegan and glutenfree)                           18,50 €
                 Once the travel provisions of the Samurai.
                 Baked basmati rice balls with nori algae, wasabi and Asian spices.
                 Breaded with roasted light sesame, cashew and peanuts.
                 Served with fruity Chinese cabbage and mango vegetables,
                 and Wakame sea salad.

                 In addition homemade sweet-sour marinated ginger

               (v) vegan on request
               (gf) gluten free
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